2017 Sermons

Month Date Preacher Series Title Book/Chapter/Vs Play/Listen Download
October 10/15 Will Gravely Real News The Kingdom of Heaven Is Here! Matt 4:12-25 Get
10/08 Will Gravely Real News Valid Identification Matt 3:13-4:11 Get
10/01 Will Gravely Real News Witness in the Wilderness Matt 3:1-12 Get
September 09/24 Will Gravely Real News Discovering the story that changed Matt 2 Get
09/17 Will Gravely Real News The Inconvenience of Obedience Matt 1:1-25 Get
09/10 Will Gravely Forward Kneeling to Our Feelings Matt 26:36-46, 1 Peter 5:6-11 Get
09/03 Will Gravely Forward Stepping Back to Step Out Luke 5:1-11, Matt 14:22-32 Get
August 08/27 Will Gravely Forward When the Lord stops us in our tracks Acts 8:1-3, Acts 9:1-18 Get
08/20 Will Gravely Jeremiah 29:1-14 Get
08/13 Kevin Dunlap Living life on mission Matt 28:18-20, Luke 5:12-16 Get
08/06 Dave Moss Paul's advancement of the Gospel Phil 1:27-30 Get
July 07/30 Ken Williams How do we deal with conflict Matt 18:15-20 Get
07/23 Ken Williams God always leaves a remnant John 17:20-25 Get
07/16 Jordan Williams How do You want to meet me here? How do You want to change me here? How will You use me here? Acts 9:1-25 Get
07/09 Art Fulks Turning the world upside down Acts 17:1-9 Get
07/02 Dave Moss What's really important to us? Phil 1:3-8 Get
June 06/25 Reggie Fields What's in your pool? John 9:1-11
06/18 Derwin Anderson Luke 15:11-32
06/11 Will Gravely Matt 10:1-16
06/04 Tyler 1Pet1:3-9



May 28th, Sermon - Special visit from Guest Preacher Chad Hendley [1st Cor 15:1-11]

May 21st, Sermon - Special visit from Guest Preacher Hang Do Lian [Psalms 66:8-20]

May 14th, Sermon - Special visit from Guest Preacher JJ Washington [Psalms 24:1-10]

May 7th, Sermon - A great commission church [Matt 28:16-20] (Guest Preacher Jim Haskell)



April 30th, Sermon - Risky Business (Guest Preacher Jim Haskell)