If you guys don’t know who Chris Brown is then you need get acquainted with him soon.  No, not the controversial artist Chris Brown but the loving Pastor/Radio Show Host/Inspirational speaker Chris Brown.  He is a part of the Dave Ramsey team but he is definitely not a Dave Ramsey clone.  In every way that Dave can be harsh and cold, Chris is caring and compassionate.

Wait.  I thought this post was about over-commitment and you talking about Dave Ramsey (again).  Well, I follow Chris Brown on twitter and he really put a gem out there that I want to share with you all.  He said:

“Over-committing is the fastest way to make serving others a burden rather than a blessing.”

I don’t know about you guys, but this is me.  We need to be more intentional about what we say ‘yes’ to.  Just because it’s a good thing, doesn’t mean it’s what God is calling you to do.  You can be so busy doing other things that you don’t leave room for doing the thing God made you for.  Of course, there is the opposite side of this where we do nothing because we aren’t sure if this the ‘thing’ God wants for us to be spending our time on.  So what are we to do?

Ask God.  Ask God through your prayers and ask God as you study His word.  You will never know what God wants you to do unless you talk (and listen) to Him.  You must have a healthy relationship with Him.  Remember too that God uses his people to talk to his people so when someone asks you to volunteer for something you should prayerfully consider it, even if it makes you uncomfortable.  Worried about over-committing?  Set some boundaries on your time when you say yes and be fully committed during that period.  Be clear with the leader you are volunteering with that you are going to reevaluate your service in # months.

We all need to be serving but let’s make sure we are serving where God wants us.

Love you guys,


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