Let’s try something new

“Let’s try something new.”  Wow, what an exciting and scary sentence.  Change is something some of us love and some of us really don’t like messing up the current routine.  We’ve all heard that change is inevitable but changing just for the sake of change isn’t.  Sometimes we can control it, other times we can’t.  What we can control is how we react to change.  We can fight it, we can run from it, we can adapt to it, or we can embrace it…the choice is yours.

We are going through a lot of changes here at ERBC.  People are doing things and serving in ways that they never expected.  Church looks different than it did a year ago and it’s going to continue to change in the coming days.  So how are you going to react to it? Fight? Run? Adapt? or Embrace?  I pray that you will support those around you by embracing the changes.  All changes are going to require adjustment and refinement so please come alongside us and help us make the changes we need to reach our community for Christ.

Chris M. Roberts

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